So you’re thinking about a career in Real Estate?  I say, “Do it!”.  As far back as twenty years ago, I was so interested in Real Estate.  I always put it off thinking: It wouldn’t work with my current situation, I need a steady paycheck, what if I am not any good at selling homes, where will I get my clients and how the heck do I get started?

Don’t let the excuses hold you back from a career in Real Estate.  I absolutely love the ability to make my own schedule, be my own boss, meet new people and help them with their real estate needs. I honestly wish I would have taken the leap twenty years ago but when the time is right it presents itself. 

Four years ago I made the call and signed up for the 75 hour real estate class. It was so easy to do even though I was working full time. Classes were in the evenings and on Saturdays. Some people have taken the online classes and enjoy those but I prefer to learn in person. Within no time, I had passed the course and the state exam. Next step was to find a broker to sponsor you. Even though you are an independent contractor and work for yourself, you still have to work under a brokerage unless you obtain your brokerage license.

One thing people do not realize is, you interview your broker. You choose who you want to be sponsored by. I did shop around but ultimately ended up in a smaller brokerage and loved it! Things to be aware of when choosing a broker: what is the company culture, what are the commission splits, what are the fees, if any and what kind of support do they offer?

I promise you, you will get out of this career what you put in. It is a lot of planting seeds but if you water them they will grow. 

There is so much opportunity for growth in this industry too. I love what I do and am always seeking to improve myself.  I’ve gone on to obtain my Associate Real Estate Brokers license and serve as a new agent trainer at my current brokerage. I am even a mentor for my son who just joined the real estate business himself. 

If you are ready to join the Real Estate world or just have questions, I can help!  You can reach out to me directly via facebook or contact Nichol City Realty.

Julie L. Paul

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker